Thai Culture

Thailand is predominantly a Buddhist, which accounts for around 95% of the population, with a Muslim minority of around 5%, concentrated mostly in the Southern provinces near the Malaysian border. Visually, most of the cultural sites tourists will see are Buddhist temples, statues and images.

Thailand is a Kingdom and it’s current sovereign is His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The Thai people have a great deal of reverence for their King and you will see his image everywhere in the Country.

Cultural Etiquette for Tourists

Before visiting, read our article on cultural etiquette for tourists in Thailand.

Thai Language

Thai is a tonal language written in a non-roman script making it a very difficult language to learn.  In well-touristed areas a lot of English is spoken, however, learning a few phrases in Thai will go a long way.  The endings of same phrases are gender-specific to the speaker, that is, if you are a man you end the phrases with “khrap” and if you are woman you end the phrase with “kha”. Here are a few words and phrases to get you started but if you want to learn more a phrasebook or audio lessons are a good idea, especially if you plan on getting off the beaten track.  

Hello sa-wat-dee khrap (m) / sa-wat-dee kha (f)
Goodbye lah gorn
Thank you  khop khun khrap (m) / khop khun kha (f)
Please  karunaa
Excuse me  kho thot
Yes  chai
No  mai chai
Where is the toilet?  hông nám yùu thîi năi
I don’t want (to buy)  mi aow
Leave me alone  yàa yung kap phŏm (m) / yàa yung kap chan (f)
Help  chûai dûai
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